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Two-year-old Michelangelo ran through the living area, swinging his diaper around in his hand. He screamed with glee and tossed it at the back of Leonardo's head, who was diligently watching a cartoon on the television.

Leo turned to identify the soft object that had pelted him and cringed. “Ew, Mikey!”

Mikey giggled.

Leo stood up and confronted him. “No, no, Mikey. Bad. Not s'posed to take diaper off.”

He pointed at Leo's lower body. “No...” he said.

“I no wear diaper 'cuz I use potty,” Leo replied. “You no use potty.”

“W'phie?” Mikey responded, pointing at Raphael snoozing on the floor in front of a toy car he had been playing with.

“Waphie use potty too,” Leo said.

“D'nnie?” Mikey pointed at Donatello, who sat playing with a bunch of blocks next to Raphael.

“Donnie too.” Leo checked the diaper and saw that it was clean so he picked it up. “Put back on.”

Mikey shook his head. “No.”

“Have to,” Leo commanded. “You pee.”

“No pee pee,” Mikey argued.

Leo knelt down to Mikey's feet and tried to lift his foot to slip it in the leg hole, but Mikey resisted.

“No!” he yelled and tried to put his foot back down but lost his balance and fell on his backside. Quick to recover, he began to kick his feet at Leo.

“Mikey, stop!” Leo whined.


Mikey finally kicked enough to get his foot loose and he rolled over and took off running.



Splinter came from his dojo, having heard enough of the commotion, to find his youngest, diaperless, and his oldest chasing him with a diaper.

“Boys, what is going on out here?” he caught Michelangelo and scooped him up.

“No,” Mikey told him. “No pee!”

“Mikey took diaper off!” Leo shouted to his father, waving the diaper in the air.

“No!” Mikey whined.

“Michelangelo, you must wear your diaper,” Splinter said firmly. “You can not yet use the potty.”

“No!” Mikey whined again. “No pee pee!”

“Would you like to try and use the potty like your brothers?” Splinter asked.

Mikey nodded. “'huh.”

“Alright, you may try.” Splinter took him into their bathroom and set him on the toilet. “Do you need to go?”

Mikey shook his head.

“Well, you should try.”


Splinter sighed. “Wait here, my son. I must go see what's wrong with your brother. Do not leave until you have gone.” He got up and went to the sound of the crying.

Donatello ran to him and clung onto his kimono. A building block with a letter on it flew past them and hit the floor. Splinter looked ahead and saw a now awake Raphael with a block in his hand, ready to throw that one too.

“Raphael,” he scolded, “put that down, right now! Don't you dare throw it.”

Raph reluctantly dropped the block to the floor and pouted.

“What is the meaning of this?”

“I sweep and Donnie woud!” Raph shouted. “Stupid bwocks.”

“No!” Donnie protested. “Waphie mean!”

“Raphael, if you are tired I will allow you to lie down in your bed, but you must not throw things at your brother,” Splinter scolded. “Now, I want you to pick up the blocks that you've thrown and if you want to lie down, I will take you to your room so you may have quiet.”

Raphael said nothing and obeyed.

“Donatello, perhaps you should help him.”
“'kay,” Donnie replied and went to help put his toys back in order.

A flash of green shot past Splinter, giggling madly. He sighed. “Michelangelo! Come back here!”

The little one continued to run and giggle. Splinter ran after him, but couldn't catch him before he tackled a once again unsuspecting Leo.

“Mikey get off!” he whined, displeased that his TV time was being interrupted yet again.

Mikey only giggled and continued to roll all over him, occasionally attempting to bite him. “Eeo!” he yelled. “Pway Eeo!”

“No, Mikey!”

“No, I pway wif car!” Donnie shouted.

Splinter turned to see Donnie and Raph now fighting over a toy car.

“No, mine! You pway bwocks!”

“Michelangelo, please leave your brother alone,” Splinter ordered. “And Raphael and Donatello, please put the car down and I will settle that in a moment.”

No one seemed to hear what he had said.

Mikey and Leo's one-sided wrestling match came to an abrupt stop.

“Mikey!” Leo screamed. “Eww! You pee!”

“Uhoh...” Mikey squeaked.

“Hamato Michelangelo!” Splinter scolded, nearly shouting. “What did I tell you?”

Mikey cowered and said nothing. Donnie and Raph stopped fighting to watch the scene go down.

Splinter knelt down to his level. “Didn't I tell you not to leave the potty?”

Mikey teared up, but still said nothing.

Splinter lifted him up and swatted him once on the backside. Mikey let his tears flow. “Come Leonardo, you must both have a bath now.”

Leo obeyed and followed his frustrated father to the bathroom.

“Donatello, Raphael,” he called back to the living room. “Behave yourselves! I'll be back in a minute.”

He set the sobbing Mikey down on the closed toilet and Leo waited next to him, refusing to look at him.

“I mad at you,” Leo pouted, his arms crossed.

Splinter was knelt over the bath tub, waiting for it to fill. “Leonardo, you must forgive your brother. He was wrong, but he did not mean it.”

Leonardo huffed and turned further from Mikey.

When the tub filled Splinter placed the two boys inside.

“Now you two wait in here for a minute,” he told them. “I must go take care of Donatello and Raphael.”

“'kay Daddy,” Leo replied and proceed to play in the water.

Splinter left the bathroom and went to the living room only to find that Donnie and Raph were both gone.

“Donatello?” he called. “Raphael? Boys? Where are you?” He heard giggling. “I hear you giggling,” he chuckled. “Come out, my sons. I do not have the time for this.”

He glanced around and saw two little feet sticking out from behind the couch. He smirked and snuck up on the little turtle. “Gotcha!”

Raphael squealed in surprise when he was lifted up.

“Alright Raphael, where is Donatello?”

Raph shrugged. “Don't know.”

Splinter gave him a stern look. “I think you do. Where is he?”

Raph shook his head. “Don't know, daddy.”

Splinter heard a faint wailing and the sound of small hands hitting metal. He looked in the direction that the sound was coming from and saw the cubbyhole in the wall was shut and locked. He immediately put Raph down and rushed to open the cubbyhole.

Once opened, a frightened and sobbing Donnie leaped into his father's arms.

“It is alright, Donatello. Daddy's got you,” he soothed. “Raphael, did you lock your brother in the cubbyhole?”

Raph shook his head.

“Did he lock you in there, Donatello?”

Donnie nodded. “Threw car in there.”

“He threw the car in there?”

Donnie nodded again.

“Why don't you go ahead and get it out?” Splinter said, setting him down. Donnie cautiously crawled inside the cubbyhole again and came out with the red car.

Splinter scooped up Raphael and set him in the corner. “Shame on you,” he scolded. “You should not have done that to your brother. That was not a nice thing to do.”

“No!” Raph protested.

“Now you will stand in the corner and think about what you did and Donatello gets to play with the car,” Splinter ordered.

Raph threw a fit. “No! No! No!”

“Calm yourself. I will make you sit there longer if you do not behave,” he warned.

Raph shot him a dirty look, but obeyed.


Splinter nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound of a blood-curdling scream coming from the bathroom. He ran in there to find that the cry had come from Mikey; he was holding his hands over his nose. Leonardo sat with a guilty expression.

Splinter pulled Mikey from the tub and sat him on his lap. He tried to move his little hands away from his face. “Let me see.”

Mikey moved his hands to reveal a bloody nose. Splinter gasped. “Oh no,” he said and grabbed a bundle of toilet paper and put it to the little one's nose. “Leonardo, what happened?”

Leo shrugged. “He hurt his nose.”

“I can see that,” Splinter replied. “How did he hurt his nose?”

“Eeo hit!” Mikey cried.

“Leonardo hit you?”

Mikey nodded and pointed at the bar of soap. “Soap.”

“He hit you with the soap?”

Mikey nodded again.

“Leonardo, is that true?”

“No!” Leo defended. “Slip from my hand an' hit him! Was a accident!”

“If it was an accident, then how did it hit him hard enough to make him bleed?”

Leo looked down at the water as if it would give him an answer.

“Michelangelo, was it an accident?”

“No,” Mikey pouted. “Threw it.”

“He threw it? You're sure?”

Mikey nodded and rubbed his eyes.

“Okay.” Splinter stood up and set Mikey back on the toilet. He lifted Leo from the tub, turned him over his knee and spanked him. “That was a very mean thing to do, Leonardo. You really hurt your little brother,” he scolded through the little one's tears. He picked him up. “Come on.” He took him to the corner in the living room next to where Raphael was or where he was supposed to be, rather.

“Stay here, Leonardo,” he sighed. “I must go find Raphael.”

Leo nodded, continuing to sob.

“Raphael?” Splinter called. “Where are you?”

“In bafroom, daddy,” Donatello answered him, holding the car in one hand and pointing at the bathroom door with the other.

“Thank you, Donatello,” he said and rushed off to the bathroom. He stopped outside the door when he heard Mikey and Raph talking.

“Leo hit you wif soap?” Raph asked.



Mikey hesitated. “I pway...pee...Eeo mad. I pway tub...threw soap.” He pointed at his nose and teared up again. “Nose...bwood.”

Raph growled. “I go'a beat him up.” He climbed on the toilet seat and hugged his little brother.

Splinter entered. “Raphael, though it is kind of you to comfort Michelangelo, you are not going to 'beat up' Leonardo.”

“Hit Mikey!” Raph argued. “Make him bweed!”

“Yes and you were not very nice to Donatello earlier, were you?”

“I no hurt Donnie...”

“Maybe you did not hurt his body, but you hurt his feelings.”

Raph frowned. “Uhoh...”

Splinter knelt down in front of the two. “Maybe you should tell him you're sorry, hmm?”

Raph nodded and jumped off the toilet. “No more corner?”

Splinter sighed. “You should not have left the corner, but since you seem to have learned your lesson, you are no longer punished.”

Raph smiled and ran out of the room.

He turned back to Mikey. “Are you okay, honey?”

Mikey wiped away his last few tears and nodded. Splinter smiled and then put a new diaper on him, scooped him up, and drained the tub. “You want some ice for your nose?” he asked, exiting the bathroom.

Mikey shook his head.

“You sure?”

Mikey nodded and rested his head on his father's shoulder.

“Are you getting sleepy?”

Mikey nodded again.

“Well it's almost nap time,” he said. “I have to make you some lunch first.” He set Mikey down on the couch.

“Leonardo, come here please,” he called.

Leo left the corner and approached his father, looking at his feet shamefully. Splinter lifted him up and set him next to Mikey.

“Leonardo, I heard Michelangelo say you threw the soap at his nose because you were mad at him,” Splinter began. “Is this true?”

Leo nodded.

“Why were you mad at him?”

“He pee on me,” Leo mumbled.

“I understand, but he did not mean to. I heard you threw it because he tried to play with you again in the tub and you were still mad.”

“Yeah...” Leo began to fumble with his fingers nervously.

“That was wrong, my son. You are never to hit your brother,” he scolded. “I want you to tell him that you are sorry.”

Leo turned to Mikey and hugged him. “I sowwy, Mikey.”

Mikey showed his forgiveness by returning the hug.

“Good boys,” Splinter praised. “You may both return to playing.”

The boys eagerly did so.

Splinter set the prepared algae on four small plates.

“Boys, lunch is ready,” he called.

Not one tot ran for the kitchen. Splinter raised an eyebrow and went to the living room to check on them. “Boys?”

There in front of the TV was a bundle of four little turtles all snuggled together, sleeping soundly.

Splinter smiled and returned to the kitchen to put away the food for later. Lunch time could surely wait.
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My neighbours had triplets. Although there were two parents, they had to hire someone to help them get through the first couple of years. They have told they don't even remember those years anymore because it was pure insanity. I think you captured it very well in this one! Great job!
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Poor Splinter. XO he had a long day
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you wonder, but I don't think most of us really think about what the really early years would have been like. I have two kids (way more spaced than the turtles thank goodness) and it's tough. Reading this I can totally see it all and make comparisons... I think I'd like to be a parent more like Splinter.
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I always read stories where the author says 'the four young turtles were a handful and tried their fathers patience', but this is the first one I've read that truly went into detail. A day in the life of Splinter - wow, did he ever bite off a big challenge for himself.
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